“The Governor” is the very first varietal olive oil in the international market, extracted from one variety of olive oils called “Lianolias”. It is produced by the Dafnis family, for three generations now, by making use of the most innovating and environmental friendly ways of creating extra virgin olive oil, in the family’s privately owned oil press. Olive Fabrica’s facilities are certified with ISO 22000:2005 HACCP.


“The Governor” is one of the most award-winning olive oils for the year of 2014, receiving international praise, for its quality and visual appearance, in cities such as Los Angeles, Tokyo and London.

 “The Governor” is the first olive oil in the world to have a “health-claim” report written on the back of its packaging bottles, according to the latest European regulation, and is mainly known for its high content of greatly beneficial for the human body substances.



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